Friday, April 03, 2009

Space Access 2009 - Carl Tedesco - Flometrics

Carl Tedesco came this year, instead of Steve Harrington, to report on the work they do at Flometrics.

They pride themselves on being problem solvers. They focus on fluid dynamics. They are number crunchers and work threw equations.

They have a variety of techniques for flow visualization of gases and fluids. This helps them understand the problems and then can figure out solutions.

He quickly reviewed some of the projects they have worked on. One of them was helping Yamaha improve their motorcycle racing abilities. They analyzed the air flow and came up with several suggestions. The Yamaha motorcycle team went from last place one year to first place the next year. One of the suggestions was to use a small build driver.

Carl talked about how he connected up with Steve Harrington, and some of the rocket launches they have done. Recently they did a project comparing various rocket fuels, Biofuel compared to RP-1.

They have been doing rocket pump development. They have a pistonless pump. They have a NASA contract to develop the pump. It worked out that their pump is flying in zero-G today. Carl was hoping for feedback on the results before his talk.

Carl and Steve also are involved with Educational Outreach. They help students fly rockets. It is fun to see their excitement when the rocket takes off.

The full agenda

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