Saturday, April 04, 2009

Space Access 2009 - Bob Steinke - SpeedUp

Bob Steinke's company SpeedUp is doing three things:

1) Selling Peroxide Sales - bought a bunch from a company in Sweden. Looks like this will be a regular thing and they'll act as a distributor. They provide shorter lead time and lower shipping cost for smaller orders. Sales was about $8K in 2007, and $15K in 2008. Revenue is good, profit is better.

2) They are making progress on Laramie Rose, their Lunar Lander Challenge. Bob is following the Armadillo Space model. He is trying to self-fund, his pace is slow. Currently SpeedUp is behind Unreasonable Rockets. He wants to do a hover.

3) Upper Stage, after the Lunar Lander Challenge. He thinks composite oxidizer tanks would work well catalyst in fuels. It ignites on contact. This should give the ignition reliability that upper stages need.

The full agenda

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