Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yet another reason to homeschool - to avoid teachers who are bullies


This is a video of Diantha Harris, a lifelong democrat and avid Barack Obama supporter. She is also a lousy schoolteacher, as is evidenced by the mushmouthed kids in her class. And instead of concentrating on grammar and English, math and science, she abuses and ridicules any child who dares to speak up in support of John McCain.

Skip pass the first couple seconds:

I was surprised the teacher let herself be video tapes. I wonder if she did worse off tape.

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Lisa Russell said...

I didn't see any ridiculing or abuse, nor did I see "mushmouthed kids" whatever that is. What exactly did you feel was bullying? Maybe I'm missing something.

Happy Campers said...

Hello That Lady :)

If you listen, when the students reply "John McCain", the teacher says "Oh Jesus, OK...Oh Lord...John McCain" That type of comment from a teacher surely wouldn't make a student feel like it was OK to be in favor or McCain (when the teacher states herself that she's voting for Obama).

And then when the teacher says that "Your Daddy is going to be in Iraq for 100 more years." because the girl chooses McCain. The teacher is looking directly at her, singling her out & telling this poor child that, essentially, her Daddy won't ever come home because she chooses McCain.

I feel both of those examples are bullying tactics. If you don't want to call it bullying, you certainly can't call it an open discussion with an unbiased teacher. Or a teacher who is hiding her bias the best she can.

The teacher is CLEARLY against McCain and does not give the students an atmosphere where it's OK to choose McCain.

Perhaps watch it again, keeping my ideas in mind, and maybe you'll see it another way? I know that I would not have felt comfortable in a setting like that sharing my opinions as a child...

Happy Campers said...

When I posted this on my blog, I commented that, if the teacher is behaving like this for the camera, what does she say behind closed doors?

The most bothersome part, to me, was the ending interview. She was emphatic that she had not put any limits on the discussion, and when the kids said they were for McCain, she said "Ok, that's fine." Hardly.

If she truly believes that she said that & communicated that with her words, she is SORELY mistaken and especially has no place in the classroom.

I was a public school teacher and my child is now homeschooled.

Gina said...

I have to agree with Happy Campers. I'm shocked at this teacher's behavior.

Anonymous said...

as a parent, past public school teacher, and resident in fayetteville, nc where the teacher videoed is from, I was quite upset when I saw the video on the news, while I see that the teacher was trying to teach a lesson, she went aout it the wrong way. At no point in time, should she have made the little girl with the military father, feel guilty, and that is exactly what she did. Her parents claim, they were okay with it..someone really needs to figure out why, they can't open there eyes, and see that that was wrong, simply wrong. I feel very bad for the children like her, that have been ridiculed, in her class and others. Because of of course she isn't the only teacher, doing this...

Cathy said...

We have been homeschooling since October, and it is this type of bias that helped to influence our decision. It is so much more than a bias in politics, it is a bias about everything! A bias about evolution, a bias about the big bang, a bias about what is appropriate to discuss with our teenage children about sex and drugs and what the school system...ran by the government....thinks should be said. There are many amazing teachers out there, and tons that believe in Jesus. However, if the curriculum says teach evolution, the teacher will teach evolution. Of course, I just wouldn't work there if I had to choose between my job or telling lies to children, but that is me. The point is, one of the big reasons we homeschool is so that our children are influenced by my husband and myself and the Christ within us. If we only have a couple of hours to influence our children once public school, homework, chores, friends, t.v, and video games have had their time, how can we sit here and wonder why our children look so much like the world?

Henry Cate said...

"If we only have a couple of hours to influence our children once public school, homework, chores, friends, t.v, and video games have had their time, how can we sit here and wonder why our children look so much like the world?"

I totally agree.

I think part of what is happening is for generations public schools were more supportive of families. Many parents grew attending a fairly decent government school, and their experience wasn't too bad, so they think their own children are having a similar experience. Many parents won't realize the truth until it is way too late.