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Carnival of Homeschooling: 148 - The Halloween Edition

My youngest daughter says Halloween is her favorite holiday. Starting about June she would ask how much longer till Halloween. The big attraction to her is all the candy.

Halloween is famous for the phrase "Trick or Treat?" With this week's carnival we'll review some of the tricks and treats of homeschooling, along with a few scary items.

Carnival of Homeschooling


Tricks can be good, like a trick to adding up a set of numbers.

Amy has some great tips for How to Stock Your Home Library Cheaply at Kids Love Learning.

From Camp Creek Blog is a great lesson on Watercolor Prints. Check out the pictures.

Shannon of Song of My Heart demonstrates how they use a time line to teach history in Timeline Tips and a Freebie!

Linda has some great tips in How is Your Read Aloud Voice? from her blog Higher Up and Further In.

I wonder if every carnival had at least one post about socialization? This week’s first post is by Dana who asks What is it about socialization? on her blog Principled Discovery.

The Rebelious Pastor's Wife writes about The Plus Side of Homeschool Socialization.

Denise teaches combinatorics in Counting 101 at Let’s Play Math!


Most homeschooling parents seem to feel it is a treat to build strong bonds of love and support with their children.

Lisa shows the American Girl Lapbooks her daughters made at the House of Many Blessings.

Lynn is developing her little artists in Scrapbook For Artist Study at Eclectic Education.

One of the highlights of the week for our daughters is the trip to the library. Are you looking for good books? Kathy reviews School’s Out: Rachel Yoder, Always Trouble Somewhere Book One at Homeschool Reviews.

Speaking of reviews, Elena reviews the movie Akeelah and the Bee at My Domestic Church. It sounds like a good movie.

Homeschoolers are not passive, they go out and learn. At Living the Scientific Life is a great example of how active learning is more powerful in London Zoo, Part One.

The Life Without School Community Blog has some thoughts about Homeschooling with Little Ones in Tow, and asks for suggestions on What to do with the Littles?

Scary things

At times unforeseen events get in our way, like the death of a loved one. The Reluctant Homeschooler writes about finishing a major project in Finally - my IHIPs!

Blogging is a bit scary. I think video blogging is even more scary. Renae of Life Nurturing Education is brave and has Live from East Texas, It’s Me! as she shows us a video of where she blogs and tells us a little about herself.

Scary things - politics

This year is an election year. People have a lot of fears about canidates and issues. Jennifer explains how to get children educated about and interested in politics at Homeschooling and the election, on her blog Getting ahead.

In Obama speaks on homeschooling, Spunky writes that she tried to find out what is Obama’s position on homeschooling and fears that he is not supportive.

Alasandra’s Homeschool Blog Awards comes to the conclusion that Obama Supports Homeschooling.

Sprittibee asks How Government SHOULD Feel About Homeschooling, and then provides one politician’s answer.


Over at Dewey’s Treehouse Mama Squirrel is looking for some insight and asks us Explain this one to me (kids choosing fluff books). Do you have any tips?

More tricks

Here are a few more tricks to help you be a better homeschooler:

Lydia informs us about National Novel Writing Month at the Little Blue School.

Becca explains Why Life is always Fair from Inspiration for Mothers . com.

For adults: Skyler reminds us the need to Take Control of Your Continuing Education at Skyler Reep’s Blog.

Kris, one of the Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers has a Weekly Wrap-Up: Fall Break with tips, ideas and support on homeschooling.

Melissa shares her experience in using some services from the local public school in Speech or Other Services: Schools or Medical? from Here in the Bonny Glen.

And finally more treats

Barbara Frank Online has some Interesting Websites for Homeschooled Teens.

Public schools seem to be a universal constant in the last hundred years. Jay P. Greene's Blog shows a contrasting vision in Black Market Private Schooling in the Third World.

Shelly will be giving away a gift. Read the details in Mr. Skeleton and Osteology, at Homemade Homeschoolers.

In A View from Inside: A Homeschooled Teacher in a Public School Classroom Linda writes about her daughter’s experience as a teacher. (At The Joyful Journey.)

Rose answers the question of what to do When life gives you apples on her blog Learning at Home.

The Thinking Mother writes about some of the lessons she has learned over the years of homeschooling in A Change of Pace Planned for Week Ten.

The Head Mistress from The Common Room writes about the changes in how she has taught music over the years in Children and Music.

Lionden Landing wishes Happy Birthday Froggy - Jewish Style. You might drop by and also wish Froggy a Happy Birthday.

The NerdMom shows that homeschoolers tie learning in at many places in A Great Homeschooling Benefit: A More Creative Halloween! from the Nerd Family.

Those of you who have been following the carnival for a long time may recognize that we ran with a similar theme two years ago. My wife just couldn't resist using one the the graphics we used two years ago.

This is a picture of our middle daughter at 2 weeks of age. You can see how excited she was to go Tricker Treating.

Carnival of Homeschooling

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Carnival of Homeschooling

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Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

This carnival was a real treat. I am looking forward to reading all the terrific post. Thanks for including me.

Anonymous said...

The entire carnival looks great, but the real treat is the photo of your dd at the end....too cute!

Thanks for including my post :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for getting the carnival up, it looks great! I love the picture at the end and could probably find one of my 2 week old daughter on her first halloween if I dug hard enough. Her expression would probably be about the same as your dd's.

Anonymous said...

my younger son was 2 weeks old on his first halloween also! :^)

thanks again for your hard work on the carnival -- it's a wonderful resource. i look forward to browsing through the articles.

SuperAngel said...

aww man! I forgot to send an article! man! :(
Great edition! :) I will announce it for you:

Thanks for everything you do!
Miss Amanda

Janine Cate said...

Maybe we should have a "picture" carnival and share cute Halloween pictures of our kids when they were babies.

Henry Cate said...

Thanks to everyone who participated and/or helped promote the carnival.

As always it was a lot of work and a lot of fun.