Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am surviving as Mr. Mom

Janine and our two oldest daughters have been gone for about three and a quarter days. Just three and a quarter days to go!

I am happy to report that the house is still standing and the children are still alive! :-)

Our 21 month old foster care boy is doing well. He seems to have adjusted to Janine being gone. He has bonded with Janine. We joke that I am chop liver. When ever there is any kind of choice he always goes to Janine. Back in November I was the one who picked up him. He was my bud for about a week, but since I was often gone at work, he quickly decided Janine was his favorite. Maybe after a week of playing with me I'll at least be in the running. For a week, maybe two.

Our youngest daughter, the seven year old has taken on the role of being the big sister, which means in our family more work. Or as last night, a lot more work. We have a regular babysitting gig. A friend drops her two and half old daughter off on Monday afternoons for a couple hours. Our friend has used the time to take a karate class, to play in a orchestra, or just to run errands. Yesterday afternoon she called to ask if we could watch her daughter a little longer last night. She wanted to go to a birthday party for a friend. In the past our older two daughters have done most of the babysitting and our seven year old has assisted. Last night she did almost all the work. She came in a couple times and told me it was hard work, then went back to keeping peace between the two. After two hours she said she needed help. I took our foster care boy, and she only had to worry about the little girl. She was exhausted at the end, but she was very happy to be receive the full amount of the babysitting money.

There is some growth which comes from mommy and the older girls being gone for a week. I'm glad they were able to go off to the church camp. They are probably having a great time. I'll be very glad when they return Friday evening.

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