Thursday, March 27, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Timothy Bendel: The Angel Company (a proposed Frontier Astronautics spinoff)

Timothy Bendel, president of Frontier Astronautics, says one of the problems in the rocket industry. Many people are struggling to bootstrap themselves out of their garage. There are a few companies which are well funded. It is hard to go from the starving garage level company to a large, well funded company.

Timothy is proposing creating a holding company which funds small rocket companies. The holding company would buy shares of the small garage level businesses. The money would come from lots of small investors. They would invest money in this angel funding company. It could both be a way to help the rocket industry and may be financially rewarding.

There is a bunch of paperwork to create this type of company.

Last year Tim Bendel talked about what Frontier Astronautics is working on.

The full agenda

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