Saturday, March 29, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Robin Snelson, on Frontier Spaceport in Second Life - should it live or die?

Robin has had three islands created in Second Life. These are areas for people who are interested in getting into space.

There are some engineers who create pieces in Second Life.

Robin sees this as a way to out reach to the general public. Most of the people she meets in Second Life seem to be fairly mature, very few children.

She has noticed that people use Second Life for meeting and collaborative efforts. Robin feels there is still a lot to figure out. She's not sure if it is worth doing.

One of the things they have thought about is having an asteroid destroy the sim and then put it back together.

They would like to showcase all the the cool rockets. They have hangers for Armadillo and Matsen Space.

The full agenda

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