Friday, March 28, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Ken Davidian of NASA ESMD Commercial Development

Ken Davidian of NASA’s Exploration System talked about how NASA wants to help the commercial space industry.

Ken started off telling the story of Old McNASA. For decades Old McNASA had run his business the same way. Then Old McNASA realized that there were other farmers. Old McNASA saw that other farmers were doing things differently. He wasn't sure if they were raising crops. There were new crops. Old McNASA decided to try to work with the other farmers.

Ken tells the story within NASA to help remind people within NASA that they want to help new farmers get betters. The new farmers are the space entrepreneurs. They are taking high risks and making great technological break-throughs.

NASA wants to help fund space development, remove road blocks and limit the amount of intellectual property claims. Ken acknowledged that there are goals, and there is the reality of what NASA does.

Ken listed several programs NASA has to identify the new farmers and help them grow.

Ken did a good job of speaking to an audience of many who are distrustful of NASA.

You can get a copy of his slides from here.


Q: Please don't keep changing the requirements on us
A: Good message, Ken will try to keep NASA from changing the environment

Q: How will you get others in NASA to follow this policy?
A: Part of Ken's job is to get the program managers to pay attention to this policy, Ken acknowledges there are some in NASA he can't affect

Q: What can the new space industry do to help prompt NASA to pay attention to the private industry
A: Do something, scientists are so hungry to access to space that they will work to take advantage of companies like Armadillo

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