Friday, March 28, 2008

Space Access 2008 - Charles Miller - Space Frontier Foundation

Charles stated a couple times that this talk was on behalf of the Space Frontier Foundation. For years NASA got flat funding, but more recently NASA's budget has gone down and up. Looking over the next fifty years NASA would like to have flat funding. Charles says the retiring baby boomers may want money spent on social issues.

Charles had two pie charts contrasting that years ago the Federal government had more discretionary options, but because of of interest payments and rising social security the percentage of money that is discretionary, things like NASA and the military.

Charles says that NASA's budget will be tightened up, that there will be major cuts. There are a couple ways we could get into space:
1) Cheap transportation into space
2) High economic benefit drivers into space
3) High military needs to be in space

With cheap access to space there will be lots of science experiments.

Charles challenged the group to rally and encourage the government to push for a cheap, reusable space transportation system.

The full agenda

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