Monday, November 27, 2006

Google Alerts are better than even

Before soccer practices started I use to mention interesting news I'd find via Google Alerts. For example: July, June and May. And for awhile I use to blog about scary teacher stories: April and March. I stopped doing the scary teacher stories for several reasons. One reason was there were just so many of the scary teacher stories it was depressing. Another reason was I think there is more value in showing the positive benefits of homeschooling, versus attacking the weaknesses of public schools.

I have kept getting the Google Alerts on homeschooling. Here are some of the search patterns I use:

"home-school" OR "homeschools" OR "home-schools" OR "homeschooling" OR "home-schoolers" OR "homeschoolers"

"homeschooled" OR "home-schooled" "home-schooling" OR "home-education" OR "home-educated"

Recently the Google Alerts have been improved. In addition to providing a sampling of news articles which mention homeschooling, the alerts also include links to recent blog posts on homeschooling. This provides another avenue into finding other blogs which mention homeschooling. Here are a few of the blogs Google Alert recently mentioned:

Unschooling by Homeschooling at School Matters introduces the recent article in the New York Times about unschooling with this comment: "Some parents have the wherewithal and resouces to save their children from being sacrificed to the present-day testing crucible. It is, indeed, a sad commentary to suggest that the best way to save our next generation of children may be to remove them from the straightjacketed testing camps that are quickly replacing America's schools."

I'm Jus' A Lil' Dizzy! also commented about the New York Times article in Dizzy News With A View: Homeschooling.

With over 50,000,000 blogs, it helps to have a name that sticks out. I laughed when I read Joyful Chaos, which introduced their children's Cool Home School blog. had a post on So - Why Do You Homeschool? (Homeschooling).

Trust The Children has a nice store about children, homeschooling, and socialization in Socialization - In The Real World...

Adrienne Furness blogs about Homeschooling and Libraries and has advice for librarians on how to reach out to homeschoolers in A Word about Advertising to Homeschoolers .

So if you would like to get some exposure to random posts about homeschooling, or any other topic, go check out Google Alerts.

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